The humble beginnings of the JOKER Group started in 1979, when the English producer/owner of the famous MATCHBOX® Toys was looking for a new distribution partner for Switzerland. The company ”JOKER AG” has been founded for this purpose only and started its operational activities in Switzerland in 1980. Since its founding, JOKER Switzerland is the operational headquarters of the Group that now has offices in Germany, Hong Kong and China. Today, the innovative products of JOKER are distributed in more than 70 countries throughout the world.

From the first hours of operation, …

…the owners and employees have sent JOKER on growth path. The mix of innovative marketing, great international relationships and dedication to create added value were the pillars for the company’s rapid growth. Renowned brands, such as Mattel’s Barbie, Matchbox Toys, Schmidt-Spiele, Carrera Slot Car Racing, FLEISCHMANN miniature trains, and other well-known names in toy industry have been marketed under the JOKER umbrella.

It was in 1984, …

… after meeting the inventor of the original Slime, a compound Mattel had been selling in the 1970’s, that the management of JOKER started the venture into compounds. In collaboration with inventor and chemist Rene Dietrich, JOKER developed a safe and brand-new compound – SLIMY – which was successfully introduced to market and registered internationally as trademark in 1985.

Since SLIMY’s introduction …

… 25 years ago, consumers worldwide have bought a SLIMY every 15 seconds. Millions of tons of safe and high quality compounds totalling over 50 million units have made their way into children’s homes and hearts. This makes SLIMY to one of the most successful consumer brands worldwide.

Some of the SLIMY products have found their way into movie and TV studios and become well-known in the motion pictures Flubber and Aliens.


30 years experience

 The start of an adventure
Leading toys importer in Switzerland with brands such as Mattel / Matchbox / Carrera / SLIMY
Establishment of JOKER (FAR EAST) Ltd. in Hong Kong
Opening of JOKER’s new distribution and manufacturing plant in Kerzers, Switzerland.
JOKER wins a McDonalds manufacturing bid
Establishment of JOKER (Germany) GmbH
Set-Up of the JOKER’s Children Foundation
Opening of the first production plant for SLIMY in China
Launch of the revolutionary and innovative cleaning gel Cyber Clean® after 10 years of research.
Grand opening of the new production plant in Shenzen, China.
Polygum Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd. established as a research company for the development of smart compounds
Set up of its China operation JOKER Technologies and Manufacturing (Shenzhen) Ltd.
JOKER AG gives itself a new structure – The JOKER Group – unifying under this umbrella the branches of:

  • JOKER Entertainment (for leisure and toy products)
  • JOKER Technologies (for technical compounds)
  • Polygum Technologies (for research and new applications)

Yesterday, today and in the future, the JOKER Group did and will enjoy an impeccable reputation as an innovative company with a strong and steady growth. Its products are distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide.