The Orbis Anti-Stress Balls – A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

Stress and everyday pressures impact on our well being, harming our mind/body balance and making concentration and enjoying life difficult.

The Orbis anti-stress ball works holistically, delivering relaxation, health and vitality. Use the anti-stress balls to release the therapeutic aromas of essential oils while exercising your muscles. Allow them to strengthen your body and calm your mind.

The Orbis Anti Stress Ball Works on Muscles and Tendons

The ball is held in the palm of your hand to strengthen muscles and tendons and to improve blood circulation while you work out. Aromas of essential oils and the balls’ dynamic colors give a uniquely holistic experience.

Coming in 4 different ball densities with different levels of responsiveness and 4 different essential oils the ball gives you a holistic workout.

The anti-stress balls stimulate your senses,

  • giving you an individual workout
  • releasing stress
  • stimulating your self-healing powers
  • increasing your energy and vitality

And Improves Your Mental Wellbeing

The calming effect of the workout brings relaxation and energy. A holistic harmony between body and mind sets in, Your senses are stimulated and your concentration improves

Your inner balance is reestablished by your therapeutic workout. Rhythmic movements and aromatic scents overcome everyday stress. Your mind becomes balanced and settled.

Your experience of mindfulness with the Orbis ball

  • encourages you to focus on your health
  • leads to overall wellbeing
  • gives you new energy and vitality
  • increases your enjoyment of life

The Orbis Anti-Stress Ball, A Friend on Your Journey to Health and Well-Being

Improved physical and mental well being enhance your spirit. The new you is more relaxed, filled with new vitality and ready to live again. Are you ready for a new life of balance, vitality and joy?

Make it happen with Orbis.